NTEU members between the ages of 18 - 35.

These members must be employed at one of the Nelson Mandela University campuses.

They must be permanently emplyed or on contract at Nelson Mandela University.

They cannot belong to a student body.

Providing the younger members with a one-stop site where they can find information pertinent for their age-groups;

Helping to identify causes of discontent in the workplace as far as these age groups are concerned;

Working with other role-players in the Nelson Mandela University to design and implement relevant interventions;

Motivating the younger members through motivational talks;

Launching campaigns aimed a empowering the younger members in the workplace.

To recognise that the younger NTEU members' grouping is a key target group as far as recruitment is concerned;

To involve the younger NTEU members in union activities to help them find their voice;

To encourage and enable the younger NTEU members to participate actively in identifying obstacles in the workplace.


The Youth Desk aims to:


Encourage younger NTEU members to participate actively in identifying issues of concern in the workplace;

Enable younger NTEU members to participate actively in the NTEU space;

Collaborate with the NTEU Executive in creating opportunities in the union space for younger NTEU members to serve their fellow members;

Serve as information desk for the younger NTEU members;

Answer Frequently Asked Questions;

Contain Fact sheets;

Share about the employment experience (what can be learnt from permanent employees, what to expect in the workplace);

Provide a platform for the younger voice and news;

Motivate other younger NTEU members;

Contain informative banners;

Provide a place where on-line activities, including memories and clips, can be viewed.