In terms of our NTEU Constitution, we are required to have a Trade Union Representative Council in place.

It means that these TURC members (shop stewards) are NTEU members across our campuses, who look after the interest of their allocated constituency.

We provide each TURC member with a list of the NTEU members in their constituency. They would then keep that information at hand for future use.

The TURC member becomes the first point of contact for any NTEU member seeking assistance. In reality, many of our members contact our NTEU offices directly, but it is good to know who your TURC member is.

Members could basically approach the TURC with any matter, ranging from leave to working hours or conflict with a colleague.

We encourage our shop stewards to assist where they can. It allows for them to read up on our policies and to gain a better understanding of how things are done/supposed to be done in our institution. If they cannot resolve the issue, then they elevate it to the office and then we’ll take it from there.

If a NTEU member receives a notice of a Disciplinary Inquiry and he/she approaches the TURC, they in turn elevate the matter to one of our offices and we will assign a rep. A TURC member may be involved as an observer and to provide support to that member.

TURC members are required to attend around 4 meetings per year. These are all lunch hour meetings, held on North Campus. TURC are encouraged to attend as many of these as possible, in order to get to know the other reps and the Executives.

We are all here for one thing, namely to look after the interests of our members. And it is most important to also have academic reps as part of the TURC. Academics have certain issues in common and we rely heavily on them to assist us in academic related issues.

Serving on the TURC gives a member an opportunity to serve fellow union members. It is very fulfilling to know that you are making a difference in the workplace and the lives of others.

In practical terms, it could mean attending an interviewing committee every now and then. Guidelines are provided to reps to prepare them for that task.

Then there is also the opportunity to attend the odd Ad Personam Promotion Committee on behalf of the Union or an interview for an Head of Department or Director of Schools.

But it is not only about serving others. It also gives the individual an opportunity for personal growth. The TURC member gets to know our policies and procedures and can become more assertive.

All in all, it is an experience that would not only benefit your fellow union members, but also the TURC member.

In the bigger scheme of things, every little bit of help contributes to the whole team effort in the end.

Contact information
Ms Jackie Booysen
Union Coordinator
Tel: 041 5042462

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TURC elections were concluded on 14 September 2019.  
Should you experience difficulties in the work space, these members are your first port of call.

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